Rabun Ranch Beef’s Mission and Purpose:

Rabun Ranch Beef’s Mission and Purpose:

Rabun Ranch Beef’s Mission and Purpose:

Our mission is to serve our customers. We serve customers by providing healthy, nutrient-dense beef in a transparent, easy, and stress-free manner. 

At Rabun Ranch, we believe your beef should be better: It should be better for your health, the animals, the environment, the community, your food security, and better for—your farmers. 

We grew up in Augusta, Georgia; I can remember how a brief drive 10 minutes out of the City landed you in the middle of nowhere, but that nowhere was where our food came from. Rural farms breathed life into our community. We didn’t depend on big chain stores or famous brands to deliver our food—we relied on our farmers. 

Today, we believe our food is making us unhealthy & sick; it’s hard to know what's in it, or from where it comes. We exist to remedy these problems.. 

Rabun Ranch is a direct farm-to-table beef producer located in Keysville, Georgia, dedicated to bringing you the highest quality beef with full transparency. Our beef is expertly processed, dry-aged for 14 days, and skillfully cut, and vacuum-sealed for a shelf life of up to 2 years. 

Whether you want a healthier option or a more delicious morsel, we are here with Better Beef.

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